William Dahl

This page is a work in progress. I started this because some of the web forums that I frequent ask for you post some information about yourself so that people can know you. I get tired of typing the same thing over and over, so I decided to just put it here and provide a link to it on each of the forums. Plus, it allows me to put a bit more information in here since I have been known to be a bit verbose at times.


I grew up outside the small town of and spent my youth working on the family cattle ranch. Although this taught me the value of hard work, it also made plain to me that it is better to work with your mind than with your back. Sweating your ass off in the summer putting hay in the barn for the cattle and then freezing your ass off in the winter taking the hay out gets old after awhile.

After high school, I went to college. Eventually, I ended up in the military and did my time just like a lot of other guys ended up doing back then. I determined that I really don't like being shot at (or shot for that matter). Sometimes, shit happens though, and you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Getting shot in and of itself does not necessarily make you a hero, it just makes you unlucky.


BS and MS in Engineering from University.


These days, I'm retired. Thanks to some lucky gambles investments in the stock market, I've reached a point where I believe that I can comfortably live off of my investments for the rest of my life. Hopefully, I am right in this assessment.

I have worked as a government contractor on varioius engineering projects over the years -- some classified, some not. Although most of the technology is probably outdated by now, I was never cleared to talk about any of it, so I won't. All in all though, it was a fun career -- I have even had the opportunity to work on projects for NASA. I have also worked on projects in private industry over the years. Although they paid well, they were boring compared to some of the things that I've worked on during DoD projects. So, that means that I can talk about the boring stuff, but not the interesting stuff. Oh well, such is life...



Growing up in the South means being around firearms for all of your formative years. You start out with a .22 rifle for hunting squirrels and a .410 single-shot shotgun for ducks and eventually you end up with a Winchester or Marlin 30-30 for hunting deer. It was just part of our culture, but I suspect that it is disappearing from the kids these days who are more interested in text messaging and hanging out with their Gen-Slacker friends at the mall than they would be interested in hunting and fishing.


My father and grandfather left me a few firearms when they died. I've added a few to the collection over the years. I have not fired some of the firearms in my collection in over 30 years. I don't go duck hunting anymore, so the shotguns that I inherited from my father and grandfather just sit in my gun safe. They aren't really valuable from a collection standpoint -- mainly they're just there for sentimental reasons. They remind me of my youth when I would go hunting with my father and grandfather.

Ammuntion -- Reloading Ammo and Casting Bullets

Thanks to the concerns about possible actions by the leftists, ammo prices went up and availability was scarce during the period that Barack Hussein Obama occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC. I say "occupied" since I am firmly convinced that he does not legally reside there. He is an illegal squatter, nothing more. It was during this time that I got into reloading my own ammo. Not only did I find it to be a lot cheaper than buying commercial ammo, but I found that the reloading of the ammo and the casting of your own bullets to be an interesting hobby in and of itself.


I am sometimes involved in IDPA shooting competitions. Due to various injuries over the years, I'm not exactly the most mobile person around, so I'm pretty much guaranteed to come in at last place on any competition, but I like to show up, shoot a bit, and chat with some of the people that I have come to know. Usualy, my times are such that the only person who might not beat be would be a person confined to a wheelchair. Come to think of it, some of the people in wheelchairs could probably beat me.


Having lived in Florida for awhile, I was introduced to SCUBA diving and I liked it. Back then, you really did not need to get certified. These days, thanks to liability concerns, the shops will not sell you an air fill unless they see your certification card. I probably dove for 15-20 years before I ever bothered to get certified. Life was a bit simpler back then. The caves and caverns in Florida are a great place to dive. The wrecks that they have sunk off the coast of Florida are not bad either, but they're not as interesting as real wrecks. I don't dive as much as I used to. I guess age is starting to catch up with me. Used to be that I was able to carry my tanks and gear through the woods to get to a remote sink hole. These days, I either do not go to the remote ones or I use a hand truck for the gear. Since I sometimes need a cane to walk these days, the most I am likely to walk with a set of tanks is from the gear-up area to the stern of the boat.


I've had quite a few motorcycles over the years and I've had my share of wrecks also. Some of the bikes have been Harleys and some have been rice burners. I guess I just don't have the brand loyalty of some people to only buy one type of motorcycle.

Back in my more economically-challenged days when I was in the military, I would ship my seabag via Greyhound and ride my motorcycle to the new base. Sometimes this resulted in some long cross country bike rides. Times were simpler back then and I would just stop on the side of the road or at a rest stop and get a bit of sleep before continuing on the trip. These days, I guess I've gotten old and soft since I don't take those length of trips anymore and "roughing it" means staying at a Holiday Inn.


I guess that I could best be described as a "Strict Constitutionalist". In some ways, I lean towards some of the things that the Libertarians say and in other, what the Tea Party says. I believe that the Founding Fathers got it right and all we've done since then is screw things up.

2nd Amendment

As a Strict Constitutionalist, I believe that the 2nd Amendment is absolute. The Founding Fathers did not put any restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. They did not say "except for this" or "except for that". They said, "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED". As such, I am firmly convinced that EVERY gun "law" that came after the 2nd Amendment is completely unconstitutional. Some of us old farts are old enough to remember a time before GCA68. Some of us can even remember our uncles or grandfather complaining about the unconstititonal restrictions that NFA34 put on them.

A government can no more legally (or morally) restrict what firearms a person owns or carries than it can restrict what religion that they worship. Firearms are a tool, nothing more, and to treat them as somehow different from a legal perspective, just does not make sense. A person should not get a stronger sentence for killing someone with a firearm than they would for killing the person with an axe. We need to punish the action, not the tool used to facilitate the action.

I might not be personally comfortable with certain felons owning firearms, but I am of the belief that they have a right to own them since the Founding Fathers did not provide for any exceptions to the 2nd Amendment. I am of the belief that if you start allowing for exceptions, you are letting yourself go down that slippery slope that will eventually lead to firearm registration and eventual confiscation. You have to make a stand somewhere and I choose to do it at the top of the slope instead of at some arbitrary point down it.

So, "what about mentally ill people?" you might say. Well, even if the Founding Fathers did not have a term for mental illness, I'm sure that there were people who could have been described as "bat shit crazy" back then and the Founding Fathers would have known about them. Still, they did not deem it to be enough of a concern to think that these people should have their right to bear arms infringed upon.

I think that the Founding Fathers knew that if you provided any sort of exception, you were opening the door for the government to come in and arbitrarily classify people as meeting that exception and thus be able to infringe upon their 2nd Amendmnet rights. In fact, there is a push by some in the medical profession today to classify anyone who even desires to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights as suffering from a mental illness.


Personally, I am against recreational drugs since I think that they tend to make people stupid and useless to society. Now, having said that, I do believe that a person has a right to be stupid as long as their actions do not affect others. As such, I would probably not have an issue with someone using recreational drugs if they meet the following criteria:


Although I am conservative, I'm probably what you might consider Pro-Choice, but probably from a different perspective than some might be. I am of the belief (and I have even seen studies that show it) that liberals are more likely to get abortions than conservatives. If you think about it, that just kind of makes sense since conservatives are more likely to be religious and the anti-abortion sentiment is more common in people who are religious. Now, since the children of liberals are more likely to grow up to be liberals also, the way I see it, the liberals are just voluntarily decreasing their numbers with abortions. Who are we to object to their voluntarily decreasing their numbers? Hell, I think even more liberals should get abortions! Just think how much better the country would be right now if Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Lee Payne had aborted their daughter (Stanley Ann Dunham) in 1942.

Natural Born Citizen

From my readings of the writings of the Founding Fathers, I am firmly convinced that Obama does not meet the definiton of "natural born citizen" as intended by them. They wanted to ensure that the Commander-in-Chief of the Army would have no foreign allegiances (as might occur if he had citizenship via one parent to another country). When they used the term "natural born citizen", they intended for BOTH of his parents to be US citizens. Many of the anti-Obama folks have made an issue of his birth certificate and whether he was really born in Hawaii as he claimed. Although there appears to be good evidence that the Hawaii birth certificate PDF was faked, that is not the issue as far as I'm concerned. Even by his own admission, his father was not a US citizen at the time of his birth and as such, he does not meet the definition for a "natural born citizen". He might meet the definition of "native born citizen" (assuming his birth certificate was not faked and he was actually born in the US), but he definitely does not meet the definition of a "natural born citizen". What we have here is a Constitutional Crisis. We have a person who is not legally qualified to hold the office of President acting like he is legal and signing laws and the Republicans are too afraid of being called "racists" by the leftists to say anthing against him. Obama is nothing more than an illegal squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in DC and like all illegal squatters, he should be evicted as soon as posssible and with whatever force might be necessary to accomplish the task.